WISGR, One of Indonesian Games That Looks Amazing

I just spent a lot of time at home on Sunday to play games and eat more. I feel better playing games than to do something that make me feeling hurts. There are many games that I was playing such as : GTA, Prince of Persia, clash of clans, Dynasty Warriors and my favorite game is cities skylines. I love building my own town. I named it as ruslan town. I played either PSP or PC, both of them are the best to play any games.

There are many games was developed in many countries, such as USA, Japan, England and now Indonesia also can develop many games. Did you know Tahu Bulat game on play store? Tahu bulat inspired by local food made from Tasikmalaya, West Java. On that game, you should to make “tahu bulat” on a mini truck called “mobil bak”. Tahu bulat made by Indonesia Outland.

Have you watched Pewdiepie on youtube channel. He was amazed with the game. Dread out is 14th games horror in the world. Output Indie Digital Games is Developer who made Dread Out. I just watched that video on youtube and it looks so horror. I cannot imagine that if you are lost in a small town. All your friends have founded an abounded house that there is no human at there, but actually you can find many ghosts, hiii.

Recently, there is a brand-new game called WISGR, made by Games Developer from Jakarta named Guklabs. The Demo Version was released by Guklabs in early February and can be downloaded for free on the Official Website of Guklabs at wisgr.guklabs.com.

I also tried to download and run this game. It reminds me when I was playing Bastion. I do not believe that this game made by Indonesian developers, it looks amazing.

For the 1st step to download, do not forget to prepare wifi.it took 701MB to download, and after that you can enjoy this demo game for free. The main character on this game is Bogde. He was a young man who was following his father’s footsteps into a hunter on the WISGR Planet. A lot of obstacles and challenges during this game is played, which makes me a challenge to play it to the end.

In the end, Indonesia should be proud of their developers that always make me proud to be Indonesian. I hope all gamers especially from Indonesia could play this games. Not only for support our developers, but you can make our developers proud of their games. I think this game is worth and easy to understand with English as introduction. You should to try and download on this website http://wisgr.guklabs.com.

Let’s enjoy the game.


Source photos by WISGR Facebook


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